14-26 GIBSON county/comté/grafschaft

2 covered bridges/ponts couverts/bedeckte Holzbrücken/二廊桥

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SW of Crawleyville off CR 1675 W in Wabash Twp. Big Bayou Creek Old Red Bridge, closed to motor traffic 1.7 miles north of Posey County Line on IN 165 then left 5 mile on CR 850S and right 2 miles on CR 1675W (road sign reads CR 1625W!!!) and left 0.2 mile to the bridge 3 170' Built in 1875 Smith truss

The Old Red covered bridge 14-26-01, photo courtesy of photo courtesy Galen Frysinger.



NE of Princeton near Wheeling in Washington Twp. Patoka River Wheeling Bridge, closed to motor traffic About 3 miles east of jct IN 65 on CR 400N then right 0.8 mile on CR 375N to the bridge 1 164' Built in 1877 Smith truss

The Wheeling covered bridge 14-26-03, photo courtesy Galen Frysinger.

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