38-30 GREENE county/comté/grafschaft/格林县
8 covered bridges/ponts couverts/bedeckte Brücken/八廊桥


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North edge of Carmichaels on North Market Street in Cumberland Twp. Muddy Creek Carmichaels Bridge 0.1 mile east of PA 88 on SR 0021, then left 0.2 mile on Old Town Road and just left on Market Street 1 64' built in 1889, completely restored in 1998 Queen truss

Carmichael bridge

The Carmichaels covered bridge, awesome photos by www.tc2u.com


North of Brave on Wayne Road TR 371 Hoover Run King Bridge 2.3 miles north of Brave on SR 3013 then just to the left on TR 371 Wayne Road 1 56' No building date known Queen truss

King bridge

The King covered bridge, photos by www.tc2u.com


WNW of Lippincott on Morgan Road TR 568 Ruff Creek Lippincott or Cox Farm Bridge About 2 miles NW of jct PA 188 on PA 221 then just left 1 32' Built in 1940 King Post truss

Lippincott or Cox Farm bridge

The Lippincott or Cox Farm covered bridge, photos by www.tc2u.com.


North of Oak Forest on Center Road TR 487 Pursley Creek Nettie Wood Bridge, closed to motor traffic 3 miles WSW of jct US 19 at Waynesburg on PA 18/21 then left 1.8 mile on SR 3013 and right to the bridge 1 45' Built in 1882 Queen truss

Nettie Wood bridge

The Nettie Wood covered bridge, photos by www.tc2u.com


West of Rogersville on Center Road TR 424 South Fork of Tenmile Creek Scott Bridge 2.9 miles from jct PA 18 on PA 21 and just to the left 1 48' Built in 1885 Queen truss

Scott bridge

The Scott covered bridge, photos by www.tc2u.com

South of Rogersville on Center Road TR 454 Hargus Creek Shriver Bridge 0.5 mile south of jct of PA 21 on PA 18, then left 1.1 miles on SR 3011 and left on TR 454 to the bridge 1 46' Built in 1900 Queen truss

Shriver bridge

The Shriver covered bridge, AWESOME photos by www.tc2u.com


West of Garard Fort on SR 8009 in Greene Twp Whiteley Creek White Bridge 1.2 miles west of I-79 exit 2 on SR 2018, then about 0.5 mile right on SR 2011 and right on SR 8009 to the bridge 1 70', unusually high clearance of 17'6" Built in 1919 Queen truss

white bridge

The very high clearance White covered bridge, photos by www.tc2u.com


North of Aleppo South Fork of the Wheeling Creek Wrens Nest Bridge About 4 miles WNW of PA 18 at Nettle Hill and 0.5 mile north of Aleppo left on SR 3001 1 30' built in 1993 by Frederick McCracken and commissioned by Richard and Eloise Davison. King Post truss

Wrens Nest bridge

The newly built Wrens Nest covered bridge, photos by www.tc2u.com




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