9 covered bridge/pont couvert/bedeckte Brücke/九廊桥


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38-47-01 /
ESE of Milton on SR 3013/1020 between Liberty and Chillisquaque Twps. Chillisquaque Creek Sam Wagner or Gottlieb Brown Bridge 3.1 miles ESE of jct PA 147 on PA 642, then left 0.7 mile on SR 1029 then just right 1 95' built in 1881 Burr Arch

Sam Wagner

The Sam Wagner covered bridge between Montour and Northumberland Counties, photos by www.tc2u.com


East of Sunbury on Upper August Road TR 698 Shamokin Creek Keefer Station Bridge East of Sunbury about 0.5 mile east of jct PA 890 on PA 61, left on SR 4011 and then left again 1.8 miles on TR 509 and another left about 0.5 mile to the bridge 1 97' Built in 1888 Burr Arch

Keefer Station

The Keefer Station covered bridge, photos by www.tc2u.com


NE of Chillisquaque on East-West Chillisquaque Road TR 573 Shermans Creek Rishel Bridge 1 mile east of jct PA 147 on PA 45 towards Montandon, then 0.4 mile right on TR 576 and 0.6 mile left on TR 573 to the bridge 1 121' Built in 1830 Burr Arch

Rishel bridge


38-49-06 #2
ENE of Herndon on Washington Road TR 442 Schawen Creek Rebuck or Himmel Church Bridge 3.5 miles NE jct PA 147 on PA 225, then 2.8 miles east on SR 3010 and a left 0.3 mile to the bridge 1 43' Originally built in 1874, reconstructed in 1983 Multiple King Post Truss

himmel church

The Rebuck or Himmel Church covered bridge, amazing shoots by www.tc2u.com


East of Elysburg on Cleveland TR335/ Rapho TR 804 South Branch of Roaring Creek Richards Bridge About 2 miles NE of jct of PA 54 on PA 487, then right 0.7 mile to the bridge 1 69' Built askew in 1875 Queen & Multiple King truss

Richard bridge

The Richards covered bridge, amazing shoots by www.tc2u.com


NW of Northumberland on Mirkpoint Road in Point Twp. Small brook Mertz Bridge, private 2.5 miles NW of jct US 11 on PA 147 towards Kapp, then 0.5 mile right on SR 1024 and 0.3 mile left and just right on Mirkwood Road to the bridge 2 47' Built in 1976 Multiple King Post truss

mertz northwood bridge

The Mertz or Northwood covered bridge, photos by www.tc2u.com


North of Bear Gap at eastern edge of Northumberland County on Cleveland TR 354/ Rapho TR 459 roads South Branch of Roaring Creek Krickbaum Bridge 2.1 miles SE of jct of PA 487 on PA 54 in Northumberland County, then left about half a mile of the Columbia County line and the bridge 1 68' Built in 1876 Queen truss

Krickbaum bridge

The Krickbaum covered bridge, foto www.tc2u.com


38-19-39 /
ENE of Elysburg at the Knoebels Grove Campground, moved there in 1935 South Branch of Roaring Creek Lawrence L. Knoebel Bridge, private 3 miles ENE of jct of PA 54 on PA 487 on the east side of the road at county line 1 41' Built in 1875, moved in 1935 Queen truss

Knoebel bridge 1

The Lawrence L. Knoebel covered bridge, amazing shoots by www.tc2u.com



In Knoebels Grove Amusement Park South Branch of Roaring Creek Knoebels Grove Covered Bridge In Knoebels Grove Amusement Park. Directions: from the Lawrence L. Knoebel Covered Bridge (WGN 38-19-39/38-49-13), proceed approximately .5 mile down the main road in the Knoebel Amusement Park to the Swimming Pool on the Right. Find a place to park, and the bridge will be off to the Left across the creek you crossed before getting to the Swimming Pool. It was built at a cost of $10,000. The main roof beams measure 14" by 16" by 51' long, and were originally hand hewn in 1865 for the Berninger Grist Mill, which was dismantled in 1974. The bridge has a cedar shake roof, vertical board siding halfway up each side, and lengthwise deck planking. It is used to cross the South Branch of Roaring Creek which divides the amusement park 1 46' Built in 1975 from timber cut in 1865 and used in a nearby mill dismantled in 1974 Queen Truss

Knoebel bridge 2

A sweet replica of an old covered bridge, amazing shoots by www.tc2u.com




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