38-56 SOMERSET county/comté/grafschaft/

10 covered bridge/pont couvert/bedeckte Brücke/十廊桥


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NE of Garrett on Brothers Valley Road TR 548 Buffalo Creek Burkholder or Beechdale Bridge 2.2 miles NE jct PA 653 on US 219, then left to the bridge 1 52' built in 1870 Burr Arch

burkholder bridge

The Burkholder or Beechdale covered bridge near Garrett, photos by www.tc2u.com


NW Fairhope on Fairhope Road TR 407 Brush Run Packsaddle or Doc Miller Bridge About 5.5 miles east of PA 160 on SR 2019 then right 0.2 mile on TR 772 and left 0.2 mile on TR 407 to the bridge 1 48' Built in 1870, restored in 1997 King Post truss

Packsaddle doc miller

The Packsaddle or Doc Miller covered bridge in Somerset County 38-56-02, photos by www.tc2u.com


NW of New Lexington off SR 3035 in Middle Creek Twp. Laurel Hill Creek Baronvale Bridge, private, closed to motor traffic 2 miles west of jct PA 281 on PA 653 and a right 1 mile, right again 0.1 mile and just to the left 2 162' Built in 1902 Burr Arch


The Baronvale covered bridge in Somerset County 38-56-03, photos by www.tc2u.com


North of Somerset at Haupt Museum in Lincoln Twp., moved there in 1961 Haupt Run Cox Creek or Walters Mill or Roberts Bridge, closed to motor traffic About 5.5 north of Somerset, 0.1 mile north of jct PA 601 on PA 985 to Park on west side of the highway 1 61' Built in 1859 Burr Arch

cox creek walters mill bridge

The Cox Creek or Walters Mill or Roberts covered bridge, photos by www.tc2u.com


East of New Lexington, SW of Somerset off PA 653 in Middle Creek Twp. Laurel Hill Creek King Bridge, private and closed to motor traffic 1.8 miles west of jct PA 281 on PA 653 between New Centreville and New Lexington about 10.5 miles SW of Somerset 1 120' Originally built in 1806 by William and John King, rebuilt in 1906, restored in 2008 Burr Arch

King's bridge

The King covered bridge in Somerset County 38-56-06, amazing photos by Alan B. Hartman


NW of Shanksville on Stony Creek Road TR 565 Stony Creek Glessner Bridge About 4 miles NE of PA 31 at Brotherton, to Shankville then north of town 0.8 mile on SR 1007 and left 0.4 miles to the bridge 1 96' Built in 1880 Burr Arch

Glessner bridge

The Glessner covered bridge, photos by www.tc2u.com


NE edge of New Baltimore on Allegheny Road TR 812 Rayston Branch of the Juniata River Creek New Baltimore Bridge 2 miles NW of PA 31 north of West End in Bedford County, 0.9 mile west of the county line, at eastern edge of New Baltimore turn right on TR 812 to the bridge 1 86' Built in 1879, destroyed by floods during winter 1996, now completely rebuilt Multiple King Post truss

New Baltimore

The rebuilt New-Baltimore covered bridge, photos by www.tc2u.com


South edge of Stoystown Stony Creek Trostletown or Kantner Bridge, private, closed to motor traffic 0.3 mile east of jct PA 281 on US 30, then right 0.1 mile and left at Lions Club Park 2 113' Built in 1845 Multiple King & Queen variant

The Trostletown or Kantner covered bridge at Stoystown, photos by www.tc2u.com and Galen Frysinger


SW of Johnstown in Cambria Township on Covered Bridge Road TR 634 Bens Creek Shaffer or Bens Creek Bridge 2 miles west of Ferndale and jct PA 403 on PA 985, then left on TR 634 to the bridge 1 67' Built in 1877 Burr Arch

Shaffer bridge

The Shaffer or Bens Creek covered bridge near Johnstown, photos by www.tc2u.com


North of Ursina on Lower Turkey Foot Road TR 393 Laurel Hill Creek Lower Humbert or Faidley Bridge 1 mile NE of Ursina on PA 281 then left on SR 3007 for 1 mile and just left to the bridge 1 125' Built in 1891 Queen truss

Lower Humber bridge

The Lower Humber or Faidley covered bridge near Ursina, photos by www.tc2u.com


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