32-25 Lewis county/comté/grafschaft
1 covered bridge/pont couvert/bedeckte holzbrücke

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In the town Greig at Camillius

Dans la municipalitée de Greig au hameau de Camillius

In der Stadt von Greig am Camillius

Small stream

Petit ruisseau

Kleiner Bach

Rether Covered Bridge

Pont couvert Rether


About 38 miles north of Utica on NY12 to Port Leyden then, turn east and go across the river. At the T in the road, take a left (north) on River Rd. for 3/4 mile. Bear right (north east) on Marmon Rd. and follow for 3/4 mile. Then turn right (east) on Penny Settlement Rd. and follow for 1 1/2 miles. Turn left (north) on Fowlerville Rd. and follow for approximately 5 miles to the end. Turn right (east) on Abbey Rd. and follow for approximately 3/4 mile until you come to a green house on the right (#7870 on the house). Just past this house is a lane on the left. At the entrance is a wooden sign with #7875 and RJR 2003 engraved on it. This is the lane you will want to take. You can drive in for a short distance and park by the gate (please do not block the gate). From there, you will need to travel by foot for about 1/2 mile. The bridge will be on your right.

Environ 38 miles au nord d'Utica sur la NY12, jusqu'à Port Leyden et ensuite...

Ungefähr 38 Meilen Norden von Utica auf NY12 zum Port-Leyden dann...




Built by Roger J. Rether in 2002

Construit par Roger J. Rether en

Gebaut in 2002 von Roger J. Rether

King post truss

Ferme King

Kingpfosten Träger

The new Rether covered bridge, photos Gary Beckstead


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